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Feather Flag - Drive Thru

Color: Red

The Drive Thru Feather Flag Kit is a large, exciting type of signage that effectively directs customers to your drive thru line. Feather flags are tall, wind-directional flags that display your message at all times. Because of their size and eye-catching movements, feather flags are an ideal roadside signage option. Open for business flags like these are helpful to reduce confusion among customers. 

Sizes Available:
7.5ft – 7ft Flag on a 7.5ft Pole
11.5ft – 11ft Flag on a 11.5ft Pole

  • Pole hardware and fiberglass ground stake included

  • Perfect for roadside businesses

  • Two-sided visibility, mirror-image on back

  • Stay-open design for 24-7 readability

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Wind-directional