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Can You Repair an American Flag?

Can You Repair an American Flag?

Did you know that your American flag is subject to specific rules and regulations? There is a United States Flag Code that highlights all the ways to maintain your flag. Thankfully, the code allows for an American flag to be mended and cleaned when needed. 

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your American flag is by cleaning it. If your flag is beginning to look dirty and dingy, a good cleaning works wonders. Most flags can be washed with a mild laundry detergent or dish soap. Flags can be washed by hand or in a washing machine.  Be sure to remove immediately and hang to dry, to avoid the colors running together.

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What happens if you notice signs of wear and tear on your American flag?  Keep an eye on your flag, as you may be able to repair minor damage at home with a simple stitch. Our company specializes in the repair of large U.S. flags, size 8x12’ and up. Our expert sewers will remove the damaged fly end of your flag and stitch it back a few inches so it looks good as new again!  If you have a small flag in need of repair, we recommend checking with a local seamstress.

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Aside from cleaning regularly, there are other ways to avoid damage from occurring in the first place. Below is proper maintenance to prolong the life of your flag:

  • Always bring the flag inside during inclement weather. 
  • Make sure your flagpole is in good condition. 
  • When placing the flag in storage, make sure the storage container locks out moisture. 
  • Check gutters for any screws or sticks that might catch and rip the flag.
  • Trim any nearby bushes and trees.

With proper maintenance, you can ensure your American flag lasts you for years at a time. We are happy to help with all your flag and flagpole needs. We specialize in flagpole installation in Roanoke, VA

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