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Staff Directory

From Left: Lisa Gates McCormick, Joe Pugliese, Rick Sole, John Healy, Mark McCormick, Katelyn Deering, Pam MacDonald

From Left: Lisa Gates McCormick, Dan Ebersold, Anna Ebersold

New Jersey

Lisa Gates McCormick, President

Ext. 102

Rick Sole, General Manager/Service

Ext. 110

Mark McCormick, Flagpole Scheduling/Dispatch

Ext. 101

Pam MacDonald, Sales Manager

Ext. 106

John Healy, Sales Representative

Ext. 105

Katelyn Deering, Sales Representative

Ext. 108

Joe Pugliese, Sales Representative/Marketing

Ext. 107

Ralph Tana, Outside Sales Representative

Ext. 109

Alice Batchelor, Bookkeeper

Ext. 114


Anna Ebersold, Vice President

Ext. 115

Dan Ebersold, Sales Manager

Ext. 113

Clint Lowe, Sales Representative

Ext. 117