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Top Three Considerations for Choosing Proper Flagpole Installation

Top Three Considerations for Choosing Proper Flagpole Installation

When it comes to flagpole installation, location is key. You want to make sure you choose the best location that allows for optimum use of your flagpole. We provide the best flagpole installation Richmond VA has to offer. We'll help with every step. When determining the right place for your flagpole, there are three factors to consider. 

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  1. Sight Lines- You should be aware of your home and business landscape before installing the flagpole. You want everyone to view your beautiful flag without any obstructions. Do not only consider the trees and shrubs on the property now. You should also think about future growth. You do not want trees to block the sightline eventually. Additionally, if the flagpole is too close to a still-growing tree, the flag may eventually get tangled in the branches. If this happens, the flag may become damaged.  
  2. Height - The height of your flagpole will depend on where you will be putting it up. For homeowners, the height of the flagpole should typically match that of the roof. You do not want it towering over your home. For business owners, the height will vary. You may follow the same guidelines as homeowners but keep in mind that you are subject to municipal height ordinances. 
  3. Utilities - When choosing the location, always be aware of your surroundings, including the location of utilities. Do not install your flagpole directly under phone, cable, or power lines. We always make sure to call to get the accurate location of utility lines, so there are never any issues.
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