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What are the Benefits of a Telescoping ?

What are the Benefits of a Telescoping ?

Many homeowners and businesses like to display flags outside their homes or place of business. For business owners, hanging a flag outside your establishment is a great way to advertise your services and attract customers. Homeowners use flags to display their patriotism, love for a sports team, and so much more. There is no limit to the type of flag one can showcase. But the question is: how do I display my flag properly? One of our favorite options is a telescoping flagpole.

What is a telescoping flagpole?

flagpole installation in Fairfield, CTA telescoping flagpole is built to adapt to your needs. It allows you to move the pole to different heights and change out the flag easily. This type of flagpole works similarly to an old-school radio antenna. There are multiple sections on a telescoping flagpole that push up and lock into place, allowing it to stand at its maximum height.

What are some of the main benefits?

  • Storage - Traditional flagpoles are not easy to take down and disassemble. It is a lengthy process, so most people keep them up even when they should not. During inclement weather or when going away, take down your flag and telescoping flagpole for protection.
  • Adjustable Height - Adjusting the height of your pole is incredibly easy, which allows you to change or remove your flag and clean the pole without difficulty.
  • Traveling - Most people need to leave their favorite flag at home when they travel. With a telescoping flagpole, you no longer need to do this. Whether you are camping or tailgating, you will be able to show off your favorite flag.

If you are in the market for a telescoping flagpole, call us today! We will help with all your flag needs, including flagpole installation in Fairfield, CT.

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