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25' Internal Flagpole


Our In-Ground Flagpoles Ship FREE!

Price As Shown is for Shipping or Pick-Up Only on White (Fiberglass) or Satin Brush (Aluminum)

Fiberglass & Aluminum Flagpoles are available for pickup from our office locations in Clifton, NJ and Forest, VA.  If you require installation, please contact us for a quote.  There is a 4-6 week lead time on all shipped poles.  Pick-Up flagpoles may have a shorter lead time, depending on availability.   

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What is an Internal Flagpole? 

Internal refers to flagpoles that have rope or stainless steel cable on the inside of the flagpole.  The halyard or cable is pulled through a cam or winch system. A key and/or winch handle is needed to access.  On the contrary, External refers to flagpoles that have the rope/halyard on the outside of the flagpole.  The halyard feeds through a pulley (or "truck" as we call it in the flag industry) and wraps around a cleat near the bottom of the pole.  

  • Cam System: For flagpoles with rope halyard, the rope is held in place by a spring loaded 'cam'.  To lower the flag, the cam is released and the weight brings the flag down.
  • Winch System: For flagpoles with stainless steel cable, the cable is spun around a spool or 'winch'.  To lower the flag, a handle is inserted and used as a crank to bring the flag down.   

Why Choose an Internal Flagpole? 

  • Prevents Access to the Flag without Key
  • Great for Commercial Areas
  • Provides Clean Look (halyard/wire on inside)
  • Options for Cam or Winch System

Flagpole Specifications: (Open in a New Tab for a Larger Viewing Experience)