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Complete Mounting Set (No Flag)

Size - Style
The Complete Mounting Set comes in a variety of sizes and options. Sets include a Pole, Floor Stand, Eagle or Spear, and a Golden Yellow Cord & Tassel. Signature sets include a Mahogany Finish 8' Pole, an Aluminum Eagle or Styrene Spear, and a Golden Yellow Cord & Tassel. Indoor sets flying a U.S. flag should be topped with an eagle, other flags may use a spear.  Other finials are also available in the Finials section. Sets include:
  • Pole
  • Eagle or Spear
  • Floor Stand
  • Golden yellow cord and tassels
  • Shipped in one carton
Components also available separately Complete Mounting Sets DO NOT include a flag.  For complete sets with flag included, please see our U.S. Complete Mounting Sets.