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U.S. Mounted Complete Sets

Size - Style

U.S. Mounted Complete Sets are available in wide a variety of options. All mounting sets are shipped in one carton. 

All U.S Mounted Complete Sets include:

  • U.S Colonial Nylon Fringed Flag (No fringe flags also available)
  • 7" Styrene Eagle
  • Gold Cord and Tassel
  • 2-Piece Polished Oak pole
  • Liberty Floor Stand

*Signature U.S. Mounted Complete Set includes: U.S Signature Fringed Flag with Flannel-lined Pole Sleeve, 7" Gold-Plated Aluminum Eagle, Gold Cord and Tassel, Mahogany Pole & Base with Polished Brass Fittings

*Made in the U.S.A.
*Made to official United Nations specifications.

Warning: Indoor mounting sets should not be used outside. Wind may cause sets to tip over and cause serious injury.