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How to Properly Fly an American Flag this Fourth of July

How to Properly Fly an American Flag this Fourth of July

As the 4th of July approaches, many Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day by displaying the Stars and Stripes. The American flag symbolizes freedom, unity, and national pride, and it's crucial to adhere to proper etiquette when flying it. If you require assistance, flagpole installers Norfolk VA can help ensure your flag is displayed correctly.

Displaying the Flag Outdoors:

When flying the American flag outdoors, follow these guidelines according to the United States Flag Code and the American Legion:

  • Display flags from sunrise to sunset. It may also be flown at night if properly illuminated.
  • Briskly raise and ceremoniously lower your flag. 
  • Always ensure the flag is free from wrinkles, tears, and dirt.
  • The union (blue field with stars) should be at the peak when displayed on a flagpole. Flagpole installers Norfolk VA can help ensure your flagpole is properly set up for this purpose.
  • If flown at half-staff, the Flag Code instructs us to raise the flag to the peak for a moment and then lower it to the half-staff position.

Displaying the Flag with Other Flags:

When displaying the American flag alongside other flags, the Flag Code and the American Legion provide these guidelines:

  • The U.S. flag should always be in a position of prominence. When a person is facing the flags, if flags are flying on the same size flagpoles, the American flag should be farthest to the observer's left.
  • When displayed with flags of other nations, all should be the same size; the American flag should be farthest to the observer’s left yet again, with other nations represented alphabetically from left to right.

Displaying on a Wall or Window:

When hanging the flag on a wall or in a window, consider these points from the Flag Code and the American Legion:

  • When viewed from the outside, the flag should be displayed with the union in the upper left corner.
  • Keep the union to the observer's left when displayed horizontally or vertically.

Respect and Care for the Flag:

To properly care for the American flag, follow these practices based on guidelines from the Flag Code, the American Legion, and the Boy Scouts of America:

  • The Flag Code emphasizes never letting the flag touch the ground or any object beneath it.
  • The American Legion recommends folding the flag neatly into a triangle with the union visible when storing it.
  • Dispose of a worn or damaged flag in a dignified manner, such as by burning it during a proper flag retirement ceremony. Most American Legion and VFW halls will take your flags for disposal. You can also separate the union from the stripes.

This Fourth of July, ensure you honor the American flag by following proper flag etiquette based on credible sources. Remember to display the flag proudly and responsibly as a tribute to the United States of America and its enduring spirit. If you need help with proper flag display, consider contacting flagpole installers Norfolk VA for expert assistance.

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