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Residential Fiberglass Flagpole

Size - Style

Fiberglass Flagpoles are available for pickup from our office locations in Clifton NJ and Forest, VA.  We also offer flagpole delivery and installation within our service areas.  We do not ship In-Ground Flagpoles.

The Fiberglass Flagpole is a great addition to any home or business.  If you have a Ranch Style or Small Cape Home, then we have the perfect 15', 20' or 25' flagpole for you! With 3.75'', 4'' or 4.25'' base diameters, these one-piece Fiberglass flagpoles are available for pick-up (price as shown), or delivery and installation.  We provide a U.S. Flag, free of charge with on-site installation.  

  • Hardware includes: gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • Molded resin truck assembly (that is hooded to protect the pulley and stainless steel pin from the elements)
  • Nylon braided halyard (rope)
  • Two nylon snaps (clips to hold flag to rope)
  • Nylon cleat
  • Decorative Flashcollar

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