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What is the Importance of Folding an American Flag?

What is the Importance of Folding an American Flag?

It's a sign of deep respect to the country and its heroes.

People hire the best flagpole installation Roanoke VA so that they can proudly fly an American flag. Have you ever seen an American flag folded into a perfect triangle and wondered why? Simply put, a flag folded into a triangle is meant for ceremonious purposes. For those that have witnessed proper flag folding, they recognize how precise and meticulous of a process it is. Few people know that each of the 13 folds of the American flag is meant to symbolize something different, from honoring our fallen heroes to honoring their mothers and fathers.

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Although there is some conjecture as to when flags began to be folded, it is widely accepted that the triangle shape represents the tri-corner hats like the ones worn by the Continental Army during the American Revolution. To start the process, a flag is folded lengthwise twice. From there, triangular folds are made to achieve the perfect shape. If done correctly, the red and white stripes should not be visible, but only the blue background and white stars. It's also essential to make sure that the stars are facing outward.

One of the most common times a flag is folded is at the end of duty for military members each day. The folding is conducted at the end of the day as a retreatment ceremony. In essence, flag folding represents daylight disappearing into the nights' darkness. We leave the blue and white stars visible to shine brightly through the night.

Each of the 13 folds represents something different. For instance, the first fold symbolizes life, and the 13th fold reminds us of our nation's motto (in God we trust). If you plan on folding an American flag yourself, it is essential that you do so with the utmost respect and care. Folding an American flag is not just for decorations; it is for honoring and remembering our nation's past and thinking about its future. Once a flag is of a flagpole, you need to take proper care of it. For more information please reach out for flagpole installation in Roanoke VA.

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