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The Benefits of Custom Flags for Businesses

The Benefits of Custom Flags for Businesses

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Could your business benefit from custom flags? Although each business is different, many seem to benefit from creating custom flags. Almost every company focuses its attention on digital mediums, such as online advertising and social media campaigns. This is all great, but it shouldn't replace traditional, more tactile marketing and promotional methods. What would it do for your company if people could easily see your location because of the flag you're flying? Below, we want to highlight the top reasons a person should consider designing custom flags for their business.

Custom flags are an inexpensive means of promoting your business. Marketing online comes with monthly costs or costs per click, whereas once you print a flag, it is yours to keep. Of course, flags need proper maintenance, but with appropriate care, flags could last well beyond their standard 12-18 month lifespan. Considering the costs are so low, your business can most likely afford to print several flags at a time; doing so also gets you discounted quantity pricing when you order!

When marketing online, ads are typically not always seen. However, with a prominent flag and proper lighting, you'll have 24/7 brand exposure. If you want constant exposure to your local community and to people walking and driving by, a flag is one of your best options.

Custom flags are also highly versatile. They can easily and quickly be made, meaning that you can design a flag and have it in-hand for special promotional events. You can also put almost anything on a custom flag now thanks to modern printers and the help of our graphic designers. While you can go with the traditional look of your logo on a white background, our art department is capable of creating gorgeous designs that incorporate your branding color palette and guidelines. We provide you with numerous options to choose from, each of which are truly unique.

Since a flag is in constant motion, keep it simple and easy to read: brand and message only.

Call or email us and ask to speak with our custom department! We’d love to help you take your business to the next level.

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