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How Do I Care For My Flag Pole and Flags?

How Do I Care For My Flag Pole and Flags?

Whether you're flying your flag outside your home or place of business, it is an investment and requires attention. Your flagpole will require routine maintenance and repair to ensure it's always looking new and will be long-lasting. 

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Cleaning your pole is essential to ensure it looks the way it did when you first bought it. The steps you take to clean your flagpole will depend on its material. Aluminum poles require mild soap and warm water to remove dirt and other debris. If your pole has an anodized finish, such as bronze, black, or clear, there's no need to clean it. When it comes to cleaning your flag, once again, mild soap and warm water should do the trick. Be sure to keep your cotton flags indoors. They are only meant to be outside for parade use. 

Set up a schedule to check your flagpole and all its components. This routine maintenance goes a long way in maintaining your equipment. The frequency of when you conduct these routine checks will depend on your location. If your flag is displayed in an area with extreme weather, it's prone to damage. When exposed to cold weather, a halyard rope may degrade and dry-rot. In addition, rain, humidity, and wind can cause a rope to fray. 

Another important aspect to ensuring the longevity of your flag and pole is its installation. You want to make sure your items are installed properly. It should be done by a professional. We provide the best flagpole installation Fairfield, CT has to offer. 

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