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Is My Flag Too Big for My Flagpole?

Is My Flag Too Big for My Flagpole?

When shopping for flags for your flagpole, it can easily become confusing. What material do you need, and more importantly, what size should the flag be? The size of your flag should largely depend on the size of the flagpole you are flying it from. There is a proper flag size to flagpole height ratio, and although there are many different choices, there is an ideal range for the size of a flag based on the height of your existing pole.

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The first thing to consider is the type of flagpole that you have: house-mounted or in-ground. It is important to calculate ratios first based on the pole type, and then you can consider the sizes.

A 5ft house-mounted flagpole should fly a 2.5x4’ flag. A 3x5’ flag belongs on a 6-foot house-mounted pole. You want to ensure that your flag does not hang too low where it rests on a railing or bangs into trees and bushes when the wind blows. These obstructions cause flags to not fly freely; when they hit things, it causes rips and tears, which greatly shortens the lives of those flags.

You can calculate the size of a flag for an in-ground flagpole by knowing the height of the pole. Below are a few common measurements for most homeowners and businesses. However, if you are unsure about the size of flag you should fly on your pole, give our team a call and we can help you figure it out!

  • 15’ pole – 3x5’
  • 20’ pole – 4x6’
  • 25’ pole – 4x6’ or 5x8’
  • 30’ pole – 6x10’
  • 35’ pole – 8x12’
  • 40’ pole – 8x12’
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