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How Do I Choose the Right Flag Pole?

How Do I Choose the Right Flag Pole?

When it comes to purchasing a flagpole, there are many options to choose from. One of the most important aspects is the material and finish of your pole. You want to make sure you choose something that will help make your flag and property stand out. You also want to make sure it can withstand the elements it will be up against. 

Flagpole Installation in Roanoke, VA

flagpole installation in Roanoke, VA

Let’s start by going over material options: 

  • Gel-Coated Fiberglass- The gel coat finish on this flag pole keeps it looking new and allows it to remain pristine for a long time. It also features durable strength and is resistant to moisture, sun, salt, and corrosion. This option is great if you live in a windy area as it can withstand high winds. It is also the best option for shore areas, beach houses, and coastal states as a whole.
  • Satin-brushed Aluminum– Satin brush aluminum provides a bare metal finish with a natural look. It is long-lasting and low-maintenance, which makes it the most popular material across the country. Satin aluminum is also popular due to its resistance to rust. 
  • Steel - Steel flagpoles are made from carbon steel tubes or pipes. These are not as popular as the other materials. However, it is an option to consider if your pole will be more than ninety feet in height. 
  • Anodized Aluminum- If you know that your pole will be up against many environmental elements, this is an excellent material to choose. Anodized aluminum is much more rust and corrosion-resistant than its satin-brushed counterpart. It also helps to protect your pole from oxidation. 

No matter what material you choose, be sure to contact us for the best flagpole installation in Roanoke, VA.

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