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Why 811 is Crucial for Flagpole Installation

Why 811 is Crucial for Flagpole Installation

We prioritize safety and responsibility at Gates Flag and Banner: a leading flagpole installation company in Winchester, VA. Our success as premier flagpole installers in Winchester, VA, stems from our unwavering commitment to industry best practices. One such critical protocol is the indispensable use of the 'Call 811' service (also called DigSafe or One Call) before initiating any flagpole installation process.

811 is a free, FCC-endorsed nationwide service that identifies and marks underground utilities. Whether you're installing a DIY flagpole in your backyard or erecting a monumental mast for a commercial flagpole installation in Winchester, VA, using the 811 service is indispensable.

An intricate network of utilities such as gas pipes, water lines, and electrical cables silently operates beneath our feet. Damaging these utilities during a dig can lead to serious outcomes, ranging from service disruptions and expensive repairs to severe injuries or, in extreme cases, fatalities.

Every flag pole installation process requires digging. Consequently, 'Know What's Below' becomes crucial to ensure the installation doesn't disrupt hidden underground utility lines. When you call 811, local utility companies send locators to your proposed dig site. These professionals mark the approximate location of underground utility lines, guiding our flagpole installers in Winchester, VA, to the safe places to dig.

Using the VA 811 service before digging helps prevent potential utility damage, keeps your flagpole installation project on schedule, saves you from unexpected repair costs, and, most importantly, ensures your safety and that of your community. As a professional flagpole installation company in Winchester, VA, Gates Flag and Banner always takes the initiative to call 811 before any flagpole install project. We do this because it's a legal requirement and because we recognize its importance in maintaining safety and upholding our professional standards.

811 is more than a number—it's an essential protocol that plays a crucial role in any excavation project, including commercial and residential flagpole installations in Winchester, VA. A simple phone call can prevent potential damage and protect your community.

At Gates Flag and Banner, we wholeheartedly endorse the 'Call 811' initiative. As trusted flagpole installers in Winchester, VA, we ensure that every flagpole we install meets the highest safety standards. So, before we dig the first inch, we dial those three vital digits—811.

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