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Click Here for COVID-19 Updates Regarding U.S. Flags
Click Here for COVID-19 Updates Regarding U.S. Flags

Flagpole Installation Lynchburg VA

We, at Gates Flag & Banner Company, Inc., take pride in our service capabilities. Our experienced service technicians operate a bucket van, which has a height capability up to 30’, and a full size bucket truck with a 40’ span. We have the ability to repair or refurbish flagpoles of aluminum, steel, wood and fiberglass. We install in ground flag poles. All the flagpole components are available on our site, if you would like to refurbish the flagpole yourself, or if you are out of our service area. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your pole so we can help to provide the correct parts for the job.

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The Gates Flag & Banner Company, Inc. has been in business since 1870. We began as a manufacturer of wooden ladders and flagpoles in Brooklyn, NY.  Throughout five generations of the Gates Family, we moved from Brooklyn to Paterson NJ, and eventually to Clifton, NJ where our northern office and retail store currently reside.  Lisa Gates-McCormick is the 4th Generation and President.  She has been with the company since 1987, and took over ownership when her father, Bill Gates passed away in 2003. 

Commercial Flag Installation 

Throughout the years, we have transitioned away from ladders and now offer a full line of quality flags, made in the USA, including U.S, State, Military, Historic and Patriotic.  We offer both large and small flagpoles, as well as installation, delivery and service of in-ground flagpoles. 

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Customer Flags and Banners

We have a large range of custom products and capabilities.  We specialize in indoor and outdoor custom flags and banners for your homes, offices, schools, buildings, streets, and flag or light poles.  We also offer a variety of trade show and expo products such as table covers, runners, backdrop banners, retractable and pop up banners.  

We are extremely proud of the relationships we have built over the last 150 years.  What sets us apart is our dedication to doing things right.  We stand behind the quality of our products, and consistently go above and beyond to make sure the product is right for you.  A lot of experience has been gained in the last 5 generations, and we pass that along each and every day, to provide the best experience to our customers. 

In 2017, Lisa’s daughter, Anna Ebersold and her husband Dan (a Lynchburg native) expanded with a second location in Forest, VA, where they reside.  Since then, Anna and Dan have continued the legacy of providing quality products, strong knowledge, and unmatched customer service to the surrounding areas.

Flagpole Installation: Do It Yourself or Have It Done Professionally?

Having your own flagpole, whether it's for patriotic reasons or you just like how it enhances your home, is a great addition at any time. They aren't all that expensive to buy or maintain, and you'll certainly have the attention of nearly everyone that passes by. Installing your own flagpole, might not be for you, however, here are the steps that need to be done just right for you to be happy with the installation.

It's Just Like Planting a Tree, Except....

Yeah, you'll hear that from a lot of people that haven't mounted a 20+ foot flagpole in their front yard. Most of the trees you plant are going to be less than 4 ft tall and only weigh a few pounds. If you plant a tree slightly off kilter it will correct your mistake as it grows towards the sun and you'll never know the difference.

A flagpole, on the other hand, will need to be exactly perfectly straight up and down, vertically plumb, or you'll be real sorry when you take a step back and look at it. Plus, everyone that drives by from the street will obviously see that you made a mistake installing it.

It Must Withstand Strong Winds

Some parts of the country rarely have strong winds while others, like near the coasts or mountains, have lots of wind all day long. Still, even if you're only going to have one windstorm per year, you don't want your flagpole to be uprooted.

It could fall on your car, a person, or hit your home. Any flagpole taller than about 25 feet should definitely be installed professionally because heavy equipment will be needed.

Select A Good Location For The Pole

Think about why you want to own a flagpole in the first place. Is it to display your patriotism for the world to see or just because you like the looks of one? Are you going to display your country's flag, your team's flag, or a skull and crossbones from a pirate ship?

These considerations are important because if the flag is for your own enjoyment, you'll want to place it where you can see it at your leisure. If you want the world to see it instead, in front of your home where it can be viewed from the road will be the best location.

Make Sure You Know Where It's Safe To Dig

Most professional flagpole installers have a keen eye for spotting where underground utilities are buried like cable, water, electricity, and phone lines. But the average homeowner would be well advised to call up the local utility hotline and find out. In most area there is a "Call before you dig" number, like 811, that will give you all the information you need.

Some utilities will only cut your services if you chop their underground lines but others can be dangerous, like electrical shocks, so be careful.

Dig Your Hole, Or Pay The Neighborhood Kid To

That big husky kid that live down the block is a good bet for digging the hole. It should be about 6 times wider than the bottom of the flagpole. To determine the depth, take the ground sleeve that came with your pole and dig the hole so that the top 2" stick above the ground.

Now you'll want to hold the sleeve exactly vertical so that when you insert the flagpole it stands up straight. There is a pole level you can get that will help. Insert the pole and when it is level, fill your hole with freshly mixed concrete. This is where the professional has the advantage. They'll have a telescoping truck mounted bucket that can hold the pole vertical while the cement sets. You'll have to stand there yourself until the cement sets and the pole can stand on its own.

While installing your own flagpole isn't all that complicated, having a couple of the right tools is really important. A professional team will make quick work of the job but it might take the homeowner nearly all day to get done. And, the pros will get the pole exactly perfectly straight every time.