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Guidelines from Flagpole Installation Montclair NJ Experts

Guidelines from Flagpole Installation Montclair NJ Experts

The Freedom Flag serves as a poignant symbol of remembrance for the tragic events of 9/11. As specialists in flagpole installation in Montclair NJ and throughout New Jersey, we understand how this flag's design honors the 2,977 lives lost on that fateful day. The flag aims to ensure that we will NEVER FORGET the sacrifices and the impact of 9/11.

Timing and Duration

  • Fly Each September 11th through the End of Month:According to flagpole installation Montclair NJ experts, the Freedom Flag should be raised every Patriot Day, which is September 11th, and can remain flying until the end of the month. This period is considered optimal for remembrance.
  • Optional Year-Round Display:There's flexibility to keep the flag raised year-round or for other periods of your choosing.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Display:This flag can be displayed indoors and outdoors. Consider professional flagpole installation New Jersey services for outdoor settings to ensure proper mounting.

Ceremony and Positioning

  • Read the 10 Elements:Once the flag is up, read aloud its 10 elements to encapsulate its significance.
  • Moment of Silence:This serves to honor the memory of those lost during the 9/11 attacks.
  • Proper Star Positioning and Blue Field Orientation:Ensure the white star is pointed upwards and the blue field is oriented correctly. If you need more clarification, consult your flagpole installation Montclair NJ professionals.

Co-Display with Other Flags

  • S. Flag's Prominence:Always ensure the U.S. Flag occupies the highest position.
  • Size Comparisons:Ensure the Freedom Flag is smaller or equal in size to the smallest among other flags with which it's displayed.
  • S. Flag in Center:If part of a group display, ensure proper positioning.
  • Adjacent Staffs:The Freedom Flag should be raised after and lowered before other significant flags as a sign of respect.

Display Rules

  • Sunrise to Sundown:The flag should be flown between these times.
  • 24/7 Illumination:Consider installing proper lighting for a 24/7 display. Flagpole installation New Jersey services can assist with this.

Special Observances and Weather Conditions

  • Half-Staff on Patriot Day:On September 11th, fly the Freedom Flag at half-staff from sunrise to sundown.
  • Inclement Weather:Opt for a waterproof material if the flag will be exposed to harsh conditions.

Other Considerations

  • No Co-Display with Foreign Flags:Maintain the Freedom Flag's distinct symbolism.
  • Below State or U.S. Flag:If sharing the same halyard, position the Freedom Flag below them.
  • Proper Retirement:The flag should be retired respectfully when worn or faded.

If you have any further questions, or you'd like to get your own Freedom Flag or inquire about flagpole installation in Montclair NJ and flagpole installation New Jersey services, you should give our team a call today. Let us never forget!

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