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Reasons to Choose Anodized Aluminum Flagpoles for the North East

Reasons to Choose Anodized Aluminum Flagpoles for the North East

So, you've chosen the best flag for your home or business. One that displays your pride and love. Now it's time to choose the best flagpole to proudly display your flag. In the Northeast, there are many options to consider when choosing flagpole finishes, but one of the best is anodized flagpoles. If you're wondering what flagpole to choose, call us, and we'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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When choosing a flagpole for your home, it's essential you consider the climate you live in. Your area's weather patterns will play a significant role in the longevity of your pole. If your pole is not built to withstand the climate, it will damage easily. Since the Northeast has four seasons, your flag and pole will be met with a lot of extreme weather. The flagpole must be able to withstand heat during the summer, snow, and sleet in wintertime, and the wind and rain brought on during hurricane season.

Flagpoles with an anodized finish are ideal in the Northeast. Poles with an anodized finish are coated with a chemical treatment, which bonds the metal and color. Unlike an enamel paint finish that simply adheres to the surface, the chemical treatment allows the coating to adhere to the metal at the molecular level. Anodized flagpoles are durable and resistant to corrosion and color fading. They work excellently in climates with heavy winds, rain, and high temperatures.

Once you've got your flag and the right pole to fit your needs, the final step is installation. Call us for the best flagpole installation Fairfield, CT offers.

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