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How to Pick the Best Flagpole Installation Near You?

How to Pick the Best Flagpole Installation Near You?

(Telescoping Vs. Sectional Flagpoles)

Installing a flag outside your home is an excellent way to show your patriotism and display what you believe in. When displaying a flag outside your home, it must be installed professionally. The best flagpole installation Mendham, NJ offers will ensure your flag is properly installed and help you find the right flagpole for your needs. There is a diverse range of flagpoles on the market today. Two popular options are telescoping and sectional flagpoles.

Sectional Flagpoles

Sectional aluminum flag poles are constructed into pole pieces that combine (or swedge together) to create one long post. This option is efficient and inexpensive. Sectional flagpoles are easy to transport as they are in individual pieces and fit into a bag. They require minimal assembly without the use of expensive equipment.

While these flag posts have many benefits, there are some disadvantages. While sectional flagpoles are relatively easy to assemble, there is still a learning curve for first-timers. Each piece must join seamlessly, so it’s important to utilize the best flagpole installation Mendham, NJ offers so it’s appropriately installed. There can be weak points in the setup due to the joining parts, so they are not ideal for windy areas.

Telescoping Flagpoles

For those who like adjustability and easy transportation, telescoping flagpoles are the way to go. These poles are typically adjustable from 9 to 21 feet and feature either a button lock or twist locking system. There are many benefits to these flagpoles. Telescoping flagpoles are:

  • Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • Have less wind resistance

The flagpole you choose will depend on your needs. Call us, and we’ll help you decide if a telescoping or sectional flagpole is the better option.

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