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What is the Best Material for an Outdoor Flag?

What is the Best Material for an Outdoor Flag?

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An American flag should look beautiful no matter where it is hung. To ensure that you are keeping flags in pristine condition, before buying, you should consider where the flag(s) will be flown. An outdoor flag and an indoor flag, although they look alike, can be very different. Different materials and printing methods are used for outdoor flags to ensure that they can withstand the elements, whether that be heat/cold, UV radiation, rain, or snow. When shopping for an outdoor flag, it is important to pick a material that meets the demands of your outdoor environment.

Cotton should be reserved only for flags that are hung and displayed indoors. The material lends itself to detailed stitching, which means it is aesthetically pleasing to look at close-up. Cotton does not have strong resistance to UV rays, high winds, and wet conditions. As a result of being left outside, cotton tends to fray and get damaged. Who would want to fly a tattered American flag? To prevent a situation like the one above, you should consider two fabrics for outdoor flags: nylon and polyester.

Nylon is typically seen as the best option because it is versatile. This shiny material is known to dry quickly while remaining resistant to heat and cold. It is also a lightweight material, meaning it flies much easier in the wind. On the other hand, polyester is a heavy material, which makes it ideal for high wind areas. It also has the appearance and feel of cotton, which is a look some people prefer. However, polyester does cost a bit more than nylon.

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