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Benefits of Telescoping Flagpoles

Benefits of Telescoping Flagpoles

If you’re interested in flagpole installation in Richmond, VA, you may consider a telescoping flagpole. A telescoping pole is an excellent choice for all your flagpole needs because of its ability to adapt. It’s a great option because it lets you quickly change the flag and seamlessly move your flagpole.

A telescoping flagpole works similarly to a radio antenna. Individual sections in the pole can be pushed up and locked into place, allowing you to choose various heights. Some telescoping poles have twist and lock sections that keep your flagpole secure. Other telescopic flagpoles have push button locks that add an extra layer of durability. This type of flagpole gets its name because it resembles a telescope when all sections of the pole are folded into one another.

What are the top benefits of a telescoping flagpole over others?

Easy to Store – Because of its ability to fold to a third or quarter of its height, it’s easy to store a telescoping flagpole when not in use.

Travels Well – If you want to display your flag while on vacation or tailgating proudly, a telescoping flagpole makes this possible.

Resistant to Wind – Heavy winds can often cause a lot of trouble for flags on DIY sectional aluminum or steel poles. Some telescoping flagpoles can withstand wind speeds up to 95 MPH due to the sections that provide some give on a windy day.

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