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Differences Between Internal and External Halyard Systems?

Differences Between Internal and External Halyard Systems?

A halyard system refers to the rope used to raise and lower a flag on a pole. There are two halyard systems to choose from: internal and external. An external halyard is on the outside of the flagpole, while an internal halyard runs through the inside and out the top. As the best flagpole installation NJ offers, we can help you decide the best system for your needs. 

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Internal Halyard System

In this system, the rope to move the flag is hidden within the flagpole. An internal halyard system has a flag weight and retaining ring. The rope is neatly stored inside the flagpole. It then emerges below the finial and out of the truck at the top. You can access the system and all its parts via a lockable door. This system has many advantages. An internal halyard system:

  • Provides a neater-looking flagpole
  • Is often quieter than its counterpart
  • Prevents the flag from being stolen or tampered with

External Halyard System

In this system, the rope is located outside the flagpole and is tied off to a cleat. The cleat is at the top of the pole, while the finial is at the bottom. The advantages to using this system are that the rope is easily accessible and there is minimal wear and tear on your flag and your pole. The cost is also less than an internal flagpole. External poles have a higher chance of theft, so we often recommend this option for residential customers over commercial ones. However, customers that like the external system but are concerned about theft can purchase a lock box to protect the cleat and flag.

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