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Honoring Patriot Day with the 9/11 Freedom Flag

Honoring Patriot Day with the 9/11 Freedom Flag

As Patriot Day approaches, marking the 22nd anniversary of 9/11, we in Norfolk, VA, as flagpole installers, take immense pride in encouraging the display of the 9/11 Freedom Flag. This banner is unique, standing as the only flag codified for remembering the events of September 11, 2001, in our Nation's laws. Displayed in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, the Freedom Flag significantly influences how future generations of Americans honor and remember the heroes and victims of that day in our history.

Interpreting the Freedom Flag: A Perspective from Norfolk, VA Flagpole Installers

From our vantage point as flagpole installers in Norfolk, VA, the Freedom Flag is more than just a banner; it narrates a story. Ten elements comprise this story, each symbolizing a distinct aspect of the tragedy and the resilient response that ensued:

  • Blue Background: Unity of America standing together for freedom.
  • White Star: Tribute to all who lived and died for freedom.
  • Five White Bars: Symbol of the Pentagon and the organized protection of our freedom.
  • Bottom Red Stripe: Memorializing the crew and passengers who perished on United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.
  • Top Red Stripe: Remembering those who died at the Pentagon and the crew and passengers on American Airlines Flight 77.
  • Two Broad Red Stripes: Dedication to the Twin Towers and those who perished at the World Trade Center and on American Airlines Flight 11 and United Flight 175.
  • Three White Stripes: Salute to the rescue workers, firefighters, police officers, Port Authority employees, and all others who worked tirelessly during and after the terrorist attacks.

Educational Value of the Freedom Flag: A Note from Norfolk, VA Flagpole Installers

As Norfolk, VA flagpole installers, we recognize the Freedom Flag for its patriotic colors and explicit symbolism, making it a focal point for Patriot Day remembrances. It provides a platform to educate the 100 million Americans born after 9/11 or those too young to remember that day's events. With more than 30 states not requiring 9/11 education in schools, the Freedom Flag serves as an accessible teaching tool.

Gates Flag & Banner in Norfolk, VA have shown unwavering support for the Freedom Flag Foundation over the last five years. We are the exclusive provider of all Freedom Flag merchandise, including flags, garden banners, lapel pins, challenge coins, patches, and the book "Unfurling the Freedom Flag - A 9/11 Story". As Norfolk, VA flagpole installers, we encourage you to place your orders for Freedom Flag items by noon on Friday, September 1st, to honor the 9/11 anniversary timely. All flag orders come with a Call to Action and flag protocol, ensuring respectful display in line with the US Flag.

As flagpole installers in Norfolk, VA, we take immense pride in helping disseminate the Freedom Flag across the United States. We envision it becoming a national symbol of remembrance for a day we vowed never to forget. For the best flagpole installers Norfolk VA has, reach out today!

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