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How to Dress Up a Flag Pole

How to Dress Up a Flag Pole

Your flag pole is a focal point for your home and front yard landscaping. You want to ensure that your flag, pole, and surrounding area are in top shape. The first step to creating a warm and welcoming space is proper installation. Call us for the best flagpole installation Fairfield, CT offers.

Once your pole is installed correctly and your flag is raised, it’s time to consider landscaping. The number one design many choose is to build a circular stone or brick flower bed around the base of the pole. You can get creative when choosing the types of flowers to plant. Consider adding ornamental grass, seasonal annuals, evergreen shrubs, or perennial shrubs to spruce up the area.

Whether you decide on a formal or informal design, it’s a good idea to spread about two inches of mulch around the flower bed plants. Opt for a dark color to contrast the bright green grass and colorful flowers, or a red cedar mulch to match the red stripes of Old Glory! Some people also choose to place rocks or boulders to add some hard texture to their design.

If you’d like a clear path for people to view your flag and its pole, consider adding stepping stones. You can add stepping stones from the yard to the flower bed to create a clear path for viewing. Another popular addition is installing a spotlight to allow your flagpole to truly shine. Placing the spotlight in the flower bed ensures your flag pole and landscaping can be seen at night.

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